Right Home Inspections

Burnsville, Minnesota 0 comments

I hired an inspector to complete the inspection on our new home based on the recommendation from our realtor.After talking with the owner I was pleased and hired him to go out and review everything.

My wife and I were still not in the area so we could not be there at the time of the inspection. We could not have made a worse choice. This guy is aweful! First off he would not go onto the roof and instead in inspected it from the ground!

He missed a huge leak under the dishwasher and we were forced to rip up the entire floor and replace after moving in. Our furnace exhaust was not properly done and there was CO2 coming back into the house. All of this was missed! Because the exhaust was not cone properly we are having to get another furnace!

The best thing of all on his "final report" he had all of the wrong appliance, furnace, and air conditioner names. I question whether he even checked them at all!!!

If you want someone that will basically tell you that there are 4 walls and a roof this is your guy.But if you want anything else checked than I strongly suggest you go with someone else!

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